Reverend Ross Foti



always be growing 

Evolution is inevitable.

In September, I unfold my newest adventure, Herestar.

Stay tuned for more about that as it develops.

Right now I’m actively engaged in the conscious dissolution of the CLC as a legal entity and the sacred work of ministering to the community as we release and let go of what was to find out what’s next. My work as always, encourages growth and transformation.

Through innovative courses in consciousness, my students craft courage and power to shift and change.   My partnerships with other shamans and creative geniuses result in immersive healing experiences of community, music, poetry, and technology. My work as a healer and spiritual guide consistently evolves.

My counseling practice continues online via Skype, FaceTime, telephone, and in person.  in my office in MountainView. Email me for a session

Remember in September to be on the lookout for my ministry of what’s next,  Herestar.

On Friday evening October 9th and Saturday afternoon, October 10th, I’m giving a talk and a workshop at East West Bookstore on Castro Street in MountainView, California.  Save the date!

Email me …let’s start a conversation!